About Kimberly

Kimberly Bizon is running for the US Congress in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District. Kimberly has dedicated much of her life to community focused projects and leadership, and Kimberly is a veteran environmental activist on both the local and global stage. Beyond spearheading local projects, Kimberly trained under Vice President Al Gore at the Climate Reality Project and travelled to Africa to promote renewable energy. Kimberly has been named a Climate Reality Leader, one of only 11,000 in the world.

Kimberly believes a commitment to renewable energy and a substantial federal investment to fix and improve our crumbling infrastructure will pave the way to high-paying jobs across the Thumb.

Kimberly supports public schools over charter schools and believes that teachers should get raises, not guns. She will push to revitalize and reinvent our community colleges to train a new generation of students for high-tech manufacturing jobs that can be created in the Thumb and keep our talent in Michigan.

On health care, Kimberly makes no apologies: Health care is a universal right. She will fight any attempt to repeal health care and unite with any group working to improve quality and expand access to affordable coverage. Kimberly supports marijuana legalization and will fight for resources to attack the opioid crisis. She will also unite with those advocating meaningful common-sense gun reform.

Raised on a farm, Kimberly will work for fair farm policies and common-sense subsidies that put family farms ahead of corporate agribusiness. She will also fight for our military personnelthey’re overseas, and especially as veterans after they come home.

When she’s not travelling the 10th Congressional District listening to voters, Kimberly is the Web and Interactive Director at the Sussman Agency — the largest media buyer in Michigan with clients that include Art Van and Fieger Law. Beyond her creative role she is known for her ability to unite diverse and strong-willed voices within the agency and to successfully sell multi-million-dollar campaigns to her clients.

Kimberly’s upbringing, career experience,  networking, and social activism make her a perfect candidate for Michigan’s 10th Congressional District.


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